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What is the Quest3 Online Submission System?

The Quest3 Online Submission System is an integrated and computerized system which enables Product License Holder, Manufacturer, Importer, Re-packer, Wholesaler and other related users to conduct secured online transactions such as registration, variations, re-registration along with limited changes in stored data such as change of manufacturing site addresses etc and other transactions including licensing and surveillance activities.

In order to conduct such transactions, a user needs to register their membership and purchase a USB Token that contains a User Digital Certificate. Once the USB token has been obtained and installed to user’s Personal Computer (PC) making sure that the PC is Internet Ready only then user will be able to conduct transactions in Quest3.


1. Is the system secure?

Yes, the system is secure as many security measures are built into the system.

2. What are the security features in place?

The NPCB servers are protected with firewall systems. The NPCB Data Centre is equipped with CCTV Cameras and only authorized personnel can enter access the equipment.
Access by NPCB personnel is controlled by smart card, login & password.
Access by users is controlled by USB token & PIN numbers, Quest system Username & Password.

3. How do we know that the product data is maintained private and confidential?

The product data is secured and maintained private and confidential and all public officers are bound under the Official Secrets Act 1972.