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Training & Seminars

Module 3 – Contamination Control (26 - 28 March 2018) – 3 day Course

Dari Isnin, 26 Mac 2018 -  8:00
Ke Rabu, 28 Mac 2018 -  5:00

Aim: To facilitate the development of knowledge, and expertise in the regulations, quality standards and guidelines that governthe quality control of pharmaceuticals.

Aim: To develop a broad understanding of the types and sources of contamination; and to analyze and assess the major risks to pharmaceuticals and the practical control methods which are used to minimize and correct contamination problems.

Day 1        AM  ►  Introduction to Contamination Control and why it is critical to product quality
                 PM  ►  Microbiological Aspects of Manufacturing including routes of contamination. Identify the key controls within a manufacturing facility

Day 2        AM  ►  Cleaning and Sanitation
                 PM  ►   HVAC and Controlled Environments – control & qualification

Day 3        AM ►  Environmental Monitoring Programs
                 PM  ►  Control of Water Systems