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List of Private Laboratories Complying to NPCB’s Requirements for Traditional Products Testing

1. What is the purpose of Listing of Recognized Private Laboratories for testing of Traditional Products?

i.    The Listing of Recognized Private Laboratories for Testing of Traditional Products is to facilitate those traditional product manufacturers without QC facilities / who require testing services for their products.

ii.    For the purpose of registration, traditional product manufacturers will be given an option whether to send their samples to NPCB or to any of the listed private laboratories. However, this will be implemented at a date to be determined.

2. Is it compulsory to send traditional products to the laboratories listed by NPCB?

It is not compulsory to send traditional products to the listed laboratories. Traditional product manufacturers may send their samples to any accredited private laboratories regardless the laboratories are listed or not.

3. Will NPCB accept analysis results from other private laboratories?

Yes. For registration purpose, currently there is no objection/rejection for applicant to submit certificate of analysis from other private laboratories. However, requirement to conduct pre-registration sample testing in Centre for Quality Control, NPCB remains.

4. What are the criteria of selection of the private laboratories to be listed?

Listing of private laboratories is based on voluntary application. Any laboratories which fulfill our requirement (as stated in the Garis Panduan Pengiktirafan Makmal Swasta oleh BPFK, KKM - available in NPCB’s website) and interested to be listed may send in their application to NPCB. Application form is available in the website.