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Online Payment For QUEST3+

1. What are the banks that participate in the Quest3+ online payment ?

List of participating banks for payment option B2C using personal account  ( List updated : 22/11/2016 ):


List of participating banks for payment option B2B using corporate account:


2. Do you have transition period to submit payment via payment voucher until industry can solve the issue?

Only online payment is allowed in QUEST3+.

3. Does QUEST3+ accepts Amex Card as one option besides visa and master cards.

Industry has to use service from existing online credit card service providers (MasterCard and VISA).

4. What would be the back-up in case system down and online payment not successful?

If Q3+ or FPX server experienced failure, contingency plan will be announced by BPFK.

5. What is the process like for Business to Business (B2B) flow in the FPX online system?

The flow for Business to Business (B2B) in the FPX online involves two approval steps are applicable to   corporate account only. The process is subjected to the bank’s policy.

Basically the B2B flow requires at least two personnel from the product holder to make payment :
i)    Role  of maker (eg.applicant)
ii)    Role of authorizer (eg.applicant’s supervisor)

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